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Rediscovering Chose Your Own Adventure Books

Do you remember that you can choose your own adventure books? When I was a child, I loved them. At a certain age, they could actually immerse me in the story compared to any other books that were read to that point. The story will take you to a cliff and then you will be given various options. Depending on the option you have made, you have to flip on a separate page. The writing was not sensational, but it was enough to immerse you in action. The bets were always high, and the choice you have made can mean the difference between life and death – at least for the main character in the story. Best of all, if things have changed badly for you, you can always start over again at the final Clifford and make different choices.

Unfortunately, for many years, its own bold book has been chosen in favor of more sophisticated and advanced forms of technology. Video games are undoubtedly the main culprit, but progress in the field of special effects technology has also given a major setback. Children are less attracted than action and adventure novels. After all, Hollywood can give you such grand, reassuring adventures that it is difficult to choose your own bold books to compete.

Recently, however, choosing your own bold books is making a big revival. Finding the real origin is difficult, choose your own adventurous novel, and for a little while they were very rare. Nowadays, however, the original series is being republished, and the rumors of new stories are coming out. This may be a better news, for the children of today and my generation, who have emerged on these books.

I am glad the company decided to republish them. In my opinion, good children’s books are timeless. Sure, people are fascinated with new techniques and fascinating special effects, but a good book will always make a place in the heart of a child. Choose your own adventure books – and generally good books – they have an element of transport that does not translate well through any other means. Movies take you away, but as soon as the screen is empty, it all goes away. Books will be with you for years to come. By allowing the children to take part in the action of the story, choose their own fame, have a great way of reading as well as make the child even more enjoyable and attractive.

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