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Don’t Be An Expert, Be A Filter (secrets To Selling More Books)

So, how much will you pay to pay someone through your email every morning, removing the garbage will present you with 5 (out of 500) emails, which you have to answer? If you already have such a person, you are lucky! But if you do not, I bet it seems like a dream. In the era of continuous flooding of information, consumers will pay good money for a filter. So if you want to sell books, then become a person for your market.

If you’re wondering how to become a filter, think about those filters that you do not even know. For example, in the book publishing market, I can think of two prominent people: Dan Pointer and John Kramer. These are both filters. Why? Well, they have zeroed in on their focused market and everything has become known for publicity and marketing. We have equally structured author marketing experts: all book marketing, all the time.

While you will find filters in different markets, they share the same characteristics. The filters are coming out through the information so that you do not have to, and then they are posting their findings on your website, blog, or talking about it in your podcast. Sometimes they are making a combination of all these things to keep their readers informed.

After this, the filters are laser-focused in their market, which can filter not only “noise” for you, so you do not have to, then they can make the compartment in the sub-filter. These sub-filters become even more important, and here’s why. Increasingly, we are living in the era of adaptation. I mean when was the last time you bought the whole CD or read the whole newspaper? There is a greater chance that you are purchasing a song on your iTunes music at a time, or you are reading your news selectively or, in many cases, through an RSS feed that allows you to tap only Allows you to do whatever you want. We will put all of this together in one moment, but for now, start thinking about the customized element for what you are doing.

The tools we have in our disposal (many of them are free) make the filter very easy. Blogs, Podcasts, RSS feeds, all help in making our filters and, therefore, create our audience. But before you launch headlong in filtering, consider these quick suggestions:

Dedication is required to become a filter, but the benefits will pay in ways you can not imagine (and many who will fill your bank account). When I talk about surrender, I mean that you will have to read every subject that your reader does not have on your publication, and not more than you, reading out of the area of ??your expertise. Because you never know where big ideas come from. Eat once a month, and your reading material in the month. I read 27 magazines a month on average. Yes, it can be heavy (many times), but on the contrary it is that you are constantly in the market. That is the first step to becoming a filter.

Be clear about the crystals that you’re filtering. If you are sitting in a huge market, like automotive, you probably do not want to talk about every car that is there or is growing. Perhaps you just want to concentrate on hybrid vehicles. Now your direction is clear. Once you are in this direction, your website should reflect it. Your website should be the first marketing piece on which you are focusing on.
After this, ask yourself if your book is a filter. If it is not, then it should be. It is hard for fiction writers to have a filter, but you should not have any problem with non-fiction people taking advantage of it in their books.

Writing on blogs, podcasts, and writing, writing, trends, reviews, hot new ideas and things that’s so. I always tell people that I am my own test lab. If you want to try something new in marketing, then check with me first. It is likely that I have already tested it on my own. In fact, all of our programs are made up of things that I have tried earlier. If I do not like it, or it did not work, I would not sell it. That’s a filter. And I’m not just talking about filtering stuff that you can give to the customer, be purposeful! Become a filter for the competition, too, and by all means, send it to other vendors if they can offer what you can not do. Remember, the customer / reader came to you first.

Make customization your best friend. So, let’s use our car example again. Let’s say you have written a book on hybrid cars and your site is about hybrids like your blog, newsletter and podcast. But now you have made your brand adequately, and it’s time to break into new areas. How about this: E-books for focused markets. Quick and easy tips, such as “Buying a Hybrid for Seniors” or “Buying a Hybrid for Families.” The key to remembering is that each of these markets has its own specific requirements.

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