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Determining The File Extension For Your Ebook – Pdf Or Exe?

Nowadays Ebook is becoming more popular as an effective tool to promote any product on the Internet. By doing this you can no longer be seen as a salesperson, but as a friend, a helper and anyone who can be trusted. Although there are many people in the world who like to spend their time reading books. On the other hand, people generally do not enjoy reading advertisements.

To create eBook, many steps have to be followed. After completing your ebook, the next thing you need to do is compile it. You can choose to compile it as an EXE file or a PDF file. Depending on your needs, there are professionals and cons of each type.

One advantage of compiling your eBook in PDF format is that people will be more confident about downloading it because PDF eBooks are not usually susceptible to viruses. On the other hand, files containing the .EXE extension are like programs or applications, so they are more prone to virus transmission and transmittance.

Also, with the exact same amount of content, the size of PDF files is much smaller than the EXE files, especially if the eBook has only several pages.

PDF files are also universal, which means they can be opened with PC or Mac and can be seen as long as the computer does not have an Acrobat Reader installed. The number of people using MAC can not be a large number but it may still be important to expand your e-book.

But, as any other thing in this life, there is a shortage of PDF files, where they do not support the event driven code so that till now you can not add something like a membership form in your PDF eBook. This is where EXE files come in the game. Many .EXE eBook compilers support scripting languages ??that allow you to create special effects, customize the menu and create and modify other user interactivity.

Some compilers also have built-in security features, which are like a feature to prevent your readers from entering a certain password, as long as they do not enter the correct password. In addition, there is a feature that allows you to set a deadline that is useful for creating a demo version of your eBook.

Given the different benefits of more than one type, choose the extension based on the requirements you need for your eBook. It really depends on you, the author, to choose which one you think will work best for you.

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