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Computers In Libraries Won’t Replace Books Anytime Soon

The idea of ??the Paperless Society is the dream of computer enthusiasts for many years. With the “Cashless Society”, it is expected that the computer will change the written word and it has been echoed through sections of American society for many years. Although the use of home computer has increased incredibly in the last 15 years, but it is possible in the near future, government agencies are slow to catch up. There will be cabinets of books for many years in libraries.

At the high level with the use of home computer and the Internet, it is no surprise that public libraries are struggling to fulfill the ends. In the past, a library can be used much faster by using the PC and Google at home for a few hours. Due to the fact that library computers are generally older and more than the crowd, the home research becomes a clear choice. In collaboration with the American Library Association (ALA), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently funded a study, showing the demand of computer and internet services, which extends existing library resources to capacity. Studies also show that “more than 73% of libraries told that they are the only source of free public access to computers and the Internet on their communities”. Although there is clearly a great demand for these resources, but there has been very little increase in the future. During extreme use hours, it is not uncommon for some communities to wait for an hour to use a computer, and only 25% of all libraries report that they have computers to meet the demand according to the ALA. There has not been enough increase in computer or technology since 2002 in most libraries.

This lack of technology is causing the most harm to the poor. Americans who have home computers and a fast Internet connection may not realize that large sections of society can bring this technique. Many Americans are now at this point where they can not imagine being unable to reach the Internet, and the wisdom that will be denied is very big. In the form of knowledge bastion, it has fallen to libraries to upgrade its capabilities and helps more people reach the information they need.

Cost is an issue in upgrading existing public library technology infrastructure. Tax revenue is still the primary method of financing public libraries, but local government tax is not enough for a long time. It is necessary that the penalties associated with the use of the library should be increased and information should be provided to meet the guardians according to the needs of the computer. Even using old refurbished laptops and desktops that have been donated or bought, they have not offered adequate savings to allow libraries to capture demand.

Wireless networking is a new way to reduce costs and reduce computer wait times. Over 17% of libraries have claimed using wireless and satellite internet that they can reduce the wait time by becoming “wireless hot spots” and the guardians have to use the internet as well as their own laptops to access the Internet. may allow. This solution also resolves many bandwidth issues in libraries, but not all. Given that some libraries still use dial-up internet, any improvement in this area will be helpful.

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