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Change Voice To Earn Cash With E-Learning

My eyes have been thickening my glasses on desktops for eight hours every day year-by-year. My flatmate, who is working for an e-commerce company, is also in the same position, but in the present, the laughing and cheerful voice in front of the PC usually wakes me up at midnight when I still have my dreams I am in the haze Surprisingly, it is difficult to believe in a young person with a motto “It is not easy to hit it” and it is difficult to believe “24 hours a day are not enough” online or chit Can be addicted to cheats. Therefore, who is strangely with him, he inspired me to find out the reasons for this.

Beyond all my expectations, it came to know that he is using Paltak, which is a very popular online chat tool, to find some friends in Asia from his adventures in Japan, Korea and South Asian Asian region. The first observed this rising maize. . All this information was not looking transparent enough for a suspicious mind, I decided to install this chat tool and find out myself.

Going to some platforms for learning languages ??was an eye opener for me when I saw that many people use pulletak, skype, yahoo messenger or aol to learn not only for fun but also for teaching and learning. An English-speaking room in Paltakk impressed me as an administrator, a retired Australian teacher, volunteered to teach English for some 10 people, mostly from Asian countries. When typing is as old as the hills, talking on a microphone in such a voice conference can help listen to those “students” and imitate the native pronunciation. This teacher asked everyone to browse a website, read an article, take a microphone, and raise the hand to share ideas in the conference. I also joined each other because the subject was about movies – my favorite. When I was waiting to see “Memoirs of a Geisha”, because I was not interested in any Asian film without Jackie Chan, a Japanese woman helped me summarize its content from the Japanese original book. Of From their point of view, many of the great types of Kimono and the ups and downs of Geisha’s life really encouraged me to spend a night in cinema and helped me to know that Zhang Zie Yi, Vanateben Kane, Gong Lee etc. are also fantastic There are stars We exchanged countless thanks because I had a lesson about Japanese culture and she could practice to brush her English. I am not entirely in the definition of e-learning and its benefits because you can find a large mountain of information about this aspect on the Internet. However, what I told you is also called e-learning, is not it? My eyes will be a bit tired but this is meaningful because I have got many useful lessons.

Oops, maybe you have a complaint about my readability and irrelevance to the title of this writing. Anyway, making money is not like a knife through butter.

I read some very interesting news yesterday that a Ninth Class Indian taught mathematics for a young American. This talented tutor can earn 10 rupees for every hour, which seems very impressive. Here, the long distance does not matter when they can send the word files via email or instant messenger and can practice by talking in the voice chat conference. Interestingly, this Indian will have to use the Voice Changer software to enhance the quality of its voice, as you know, it is not so easy for everyone to understand Indian accent and dialect in the world. That is what we usually say that “necessity is the mother of invention” and earning cash is not something out of reach.

Of course I will tell my flatmate about those people. A good idea to make money will pop legally in their mind, why not?

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