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Buying and selling Rare books via the internet.

Buying and selling rare books through internet

The internet is made up of thousands of small niche markets. Each of these niche has specific ways of communicating with each other.

One of the most dynamic markets on the internet is for books and music.

To say that there are dynamic changes in the rare and collectible book market, this is an understanding.

At one time in the ‘market’ for rare and collectable books, some hundred famous and highly respected rare book vendors and collectors included, who gradually collected specialty books of their specialty. It was not long ago that the collector wanted too depth- by collecting a collection of every book and an excerpt from a particular writer or in a particular style. A collector who searched for a special book gathered the catalog of dealers, visited shops in remote corners of the world, which they wanted to be in the book.

Collecting was a “gentleman” game. Merchants have been carefully cultivating their customers for years, helped them to select books who deeply linked them to their collections. Merchants rely on word-of-mouth and reputation for building their business. For the most part dealer, ‘special’ The book collection was more than a hobby, it was a passion for some people.

The Internet has added liquidity to rare and collectible book markets. And liquidity is very important for any market. This means that when you are ready to sell, then you are ready and able to buy your offer.

The Internet has also added the element of movement speed. People are buying and selling books that speed which seems incredible by standards a few years ago. Thousands of books are being traded every day.

Why deal in books rather than other collectibles such as idols or art or pottery?

Books have a special place in the history of mankind. They record the history, thoughts, feelings, thoughts, philosophies, theology and dreams and fantasies of those men and women who lived with us and who lived with us.

Books have shaped the way we think, live our lives and the backbone of governments and world religions.

The fact that books have a special place in our lives, I think they are more than ‘collectibles’. They are the investment of the past and the future of the whole mankind. Humans have separated themselves from animals in their ability to read, think and record those thoughts in books for each generation.

I was amazed as much as you can, to know that books used and outside are valuable and some are super-valuable too.

For example, the first printing of “Alice Adventures in Wonderland” – today’s price is approximately $ 725,000. Why should a simple child’s book give so much money? Because it is “collectible”? Because it’s old? Because this is a children’s book? The answer is simple. And I took some time to accept its simplicity, but here it is:

“Some books are valuable because nobody wants it and is willing and able to pay for it”.

Collectors come in all sizes, sizes and interests and they are all over the world. Demand is huge and you will be surprised at the rate at which rates used will be sold. It does not mean that it is not in a slow time, but the books go very fast in the hands they want.

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